Into Twin Galaxies


To explore otherworldly ice rivers seen only on Google Earth, Sarah Mcnair-Landry, Erik Boomer, and Ben Stookesberry combined kite-skiing and kayaking to navigate the remote Greenland over 46 days. They harnessed powerful winds to move 600 miles across the ice sheet, then traversed frigid waterfalls and rapids, deep canyons, and thin ice bridges to make a truly exploratory first descent.

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will gadd climbing

Photographer Christian Pondella and ice climber Will Gadd team up for Beneath the Ice. The duo have been mixing art and high adventure over 20 expeditions. […]

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Follow along with Jimmy Chin and ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers as they scour the remote, mountainous terrain of Greenland in search of perfect lines. […]

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Kayaker Rafa Oritz savors some of the best whitewater in the nation just 15 miles outside of Washington, D.C. […]

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