The Big One


Trading in the surfboard for a snowboard, Ian Walsh in “The Big One,” ROAM’s newest original. This world-class surfer joins badass snowboarders Nick Russell, Danny Davis, and Forrest Shearer to first, summit then shred down North America’s tallest peak, Denali. Whether it’s riding epic lines or hanging at basecamp waiting for weather to clear, these guys are always having a good time. And with the combo of surf and snowboard culture, this film’s just as much of a blast for them as it is for us.

Presented by Jones Snowboards & Newday
Featuring Music from Goth Babe


Surfing has gone through revolutions through its history; periods where technology and talent reached new peaks and pushed the sport forward. […]

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In Episode 1, Travis Rice and Ian Walsh prepare for this 2,500-mile surfing and sailing adventure across the Pacific Ocean, from Tahiti to Hawaii. […]

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Months of work going into planning big expeditions – here’s an inside-look at how one of the first sail-to-ski trips along the British Columbia coast. […]

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