FOUR – Winter 2019/2020

Ian Walsh

from Ian: Join me (Ian Walsh) through an entire season of big wave surfing! Landing at iconic locations, Jaws, Nazaré, Waimea, and Mavericks. A few bumps, bruises, and some blood but all well worth pushing yourself. Stoked to be in the mix for the @wsl’s Big Wave Awards Best Overall Performance category!
This category has a lot of impact to me. So much goes into the preparation when no one is watching to be able to surf at a high level throughout the entire season. The men and women that have won this award over the years have definitely earned it.
I’ve been in the finals for this award a few times and haven’t taken it home but I am really psyched to be in the mix again! This year I was extremely driven to push myself and my equipment.

Edited by: Noah Andrews @stoke.films

Cinematographers: Marc Chambers, Carlo Carbajal, Marcus Rodrigues, WSL Slater Neborsky, John Decesare, ROAM, Jace Panebianco, Ryan Moss, Shane Grace, Jackson McMuldren, Vincent Reynaud, Laurent Pujol, João Vidinha

Photographers: Ryan Craig, Erik Aeder, Vito Marques, Mattias Hammar, João Vidinha, Helio Antonio


In Episode 1, Travis Rice and Ian Walsh prepare for this 2,500-mile surfing and sailing adventure across the Pacific Ocean, from Tahiti to Hawaii.

Surf fans were graced with an action-packed day at the Jaws Invitational with amazing swell 25-30 foot swells and fifty-foot faces to this famed Maui break.

We all know you can surf ocean waves, but how many have heard of surfing rivers? No better film captures the essence of this sport like River Surfer, a simple and community-oriented short doc.

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