Jeremy Jones Designs Surf-Inspired Snowboard


What if you could glide over snow with the same fluidity as surfing a wave?

Inspired by his roots as a surfer, legendary snowboarder and ROAM Founding Contributor Jeremy Jones set out to design a snowboard that would allow him to experience the effortless glide of riding waves while cruising pow. “Anybody who’s ever surfed understands that that if their board is faster, they catch more waves, they get longer rides. What I was using in snow didn’t have that,” says Jones, who brings vision, creativity, and compassion to all he does. The pursuit of glide runs deep: “It’s that fleeting feeling of ecstasy when you’re in the moment and nothing else is on your mind. Work, stress, and everything else are put on hold… and you just glide.”

For the full story of his journey for the ultimate board and his pursuit of the perfect ride, check out his short film Life of Glide. Below read an interview with Jeremy, who is also the founder of Protect our Winters and Jones Snowboards, on what drives him.

When did you write the poem?

Jeremy Jones: I am not exactly sure. I found it in a journal that was a few years old. I had been wanting to make a film about simple snowboarding shot really well and tell the story of how these surf designs were created. Adding the poem came later. It really summed up my compass in life and what is behind everything I do.

What role has creative writing and sketching had in your exploration of snowboarding and a life of glide?

Jeremy Jones: I write and draw often. I use it to clear my brain. I love the process but rarely go back and read what I wrote. With all aspects of my life I am always trying to evolve.

A lot of people are in touch with the joy of the glide as a kid, but then lose touch with that as an adult. How and why did you keep it?

Jeremy Jones: I am grateful that the older I get the less picky I have become on wave and snow quality. Conditions are irrelevant for me to have a good time these days. I think that stems from always evolving my equipment with the goal geared toward turning mundane terrain and conditions into fun and exciting.

What is your definition of the good life?

Jeremy Jones: First off I recognize that today is a wonderful time to be alive. There is less poverty, life expectancy is at a all time high, and it is one of the longest periods in the history of humanity where we have not had a major war. I have also become hyper aware of what makes me happy and have prioritized making sure I am doing these activities every day, even if it is for a short time. I try and balance family, play, work, and giving back. These are all keys to my happiness and something I try to do every day.

You design a new snowboard based on a surfboard in the film. And you’ve got your own gear company. What draws you to this type of creativity, creating gear?

Jeremy Jones: It is a dream come true to have freedom and resources to create snowboards. I love the development process, and although I spend a ton of time on it, it does not feel like work. I learned early on to have a really open mind to new ideas. So I am always trying new shapes, materials, and concepts. This is why I started the company.

What are some of your favorite pieces of gear and why?

Jeremy Jones: The evolution in splitboard technology across the whole industry had changed my life more then anything else in the last 20 years. It is a non-abusive way for me to snowboard every day. Walking uphill is therapeutic on my mind and body. It is so easy to get away from people, experience nature in its purest form, and always ride new lines in my backyard. It is truly the golden era in backcountry snowboarding right now and I am so fortunate to be apart of it.

At least you love surfing, if the end of snow is coming. Do you think that snow may be going extinct?

Jeremy Jones: No. We are being pushed to higher elevations and winter is becoming more sporadic, but those willing to adapt, walk on some dirt and have the ability to be at the right place at the right time, will be able to slide on snow for the near future.

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