Lines to Hawaii – Episode 3


On their fourth day at sea, Travis Rice and Ian Walsh set a course for the first landmark in the Line Island chain – Flint Island. Along the way, the sailors have a run in with a new friend of the ocean, resulting in the first big catch of the trip. When the team finally reaches Flint Island, home to coral reefs and sea turtles galore, it offers the weary adventures a chance to test the waters. Will this island hold the key to one of the elusive surf spots on the journey to Hawaii? More importantly, who is this elusive rainbow runner?

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In Episode 4, the crew makes a surf stop for the uninhabited Malden Island. With crystal blue waters and waves to surf, the sea-adventurers get a taste of remote island life. […]

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In Episode 5, Travis and Ian push towards their Hawaii destination, making the iconic crossing of the equator at the international date line. […]

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In Episode 6, the crew chases down a swell and drops anchor at Fanning Island to get some much needed time on the water. […]

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