The Line – Episode 2


Surviving an avalanche changed Cory Richards’s life. It kick-started his career, but the lingering effects of trauma led to a path of self-destruction. In Episode 2 of The Line, we look back at pivotal moments in Cory’s life and career as he prepares to return to Everest to attempt a new route up the mountain.

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In Episode 3, Cory wrestles with the associated mental challenge of daily life as he nears his departure date for Everest. […]

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Episode 4 follows Cory and Topo through the chaos of their final 48 hours before departure and explores what success and failure look like on the mountain. […]

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In Episode 5, the team finally arrives at Mount Everest base camp. We gain insight into Cory and Topo’s climbing partnership as they acclimate and prepare first steps on the new route. […]

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