Lines to Hawaii – Episode 1


Preparing for a ROAM ocean epic, pro snowboarder Travis Rice and pro big wave surfer Ian Walsh kick off their surfing and sailing adventure upon Falcor. The journey will carry the crew across 2,500 nautical miles, adventuring across the Pacific Ocean from Tahiti to Hawaii along the remarkable chain of the Line Islands. Adding to the quest for un-surfed waves, the expedition will also provide valuable water samples to measure the increasing contamination levels of micro-plastics in partnered research with Adventure Scientists.

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In Episode 2, the Falcor crew gets sailing and braces for their first night at sea. Travis Rice takes the first night watch, steering Falcor through the darkness in search for surf. […]

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In Episode 3, Travis Rice and Ian Walsh set sail for Flint Island. Will this island hold the key to one of the elusive surf spots? […]

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In Episode 4, the crew makes a surf stop for the uninhabited Malden Island. With crystal blue waters and waves to surf, the sea-adventurers get a taste of remote island life. […]

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